Fridge & Freezer Cleaning

The cleaning and defrosting of fridge and freezers can often be a messy and time consuming task! An array of germs and bacteria can survive even at low temperatures inside your fridge freezer, which can cause not only odour problems that we all know about but is a risk to the wellbeing of friends and family. This bacteria’s can cross contaminate fresh foodstuffs resulting in health issues such as food poisoning.


By using our professional fridge/freezer cleaning service, we will eliminate the germs and bacteria and restore your Fridge / Freezer back to its original condition. Not to mention, everybody wants a pristinely clean appliance!

Before starting our cleaning service, your kitchen will be laid out with protective covers to keep everything clean. All food will be stored in our special insulating containers to keep it frozen whilst we carry out the clean


We remove all shelves and baskets, and apply our food safe antibacterial sanitiser to your fridge and seals, then using our advanced professional steam clean equipment, we sanitise and remove all traces of dried on food, all waste is extracted via vacuum leaving no mess. As soon as the shelves and baskets are cleaned we thoroughly dry the appliance and polish the exterior of the fridge\freezer. Then we will re-stock your fridge!


Removing excess ice from your freezer allows the freezer to work more efficiently thereby lowering your energy consumption. All ice will be defrosted using our steam cleaner and removed by vacuum then cleaned with our sanitiser once the cleaning is completed then the frozen food is returned to your freezer

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